Friday, September 28, 2007

Super Size Me

Hi Guys,
Matt Siegel here. The scene I wanted to focus on was actually two scenes that actually somewhat could have been regarded in the same way. This is when Morgan was interviewing people on the street and first asking them about their feelings about fast food and which places they prefer to go to. The two black men that he interviews who start talking about one being able to exercise for a little bit and lift some weights and all of a sudden you can have this fast food and it won't affect you. The other scene is when he interviews people on what a calorie is. People had no idea what it was.
I find these parts very interesting because I think they show how ignorant people are here in the US. My focus remains on the two black men who were interviewed. It is their belief that if you exercise for a little bit, it then gives you the free reign to eat fast food without any dire consequences. This to me is so incredibly stupid. This is not true at all. Yes, it may help a tiny bit, but not by much and the majority of people who eat fast food in the US don't get as much exercise as the Surgeon General says, which is 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each day. Not just lifting as these men specified. I also thought it was sad that people don't know what a calorie is. I may not know the exact, scientific definition, but I know the general concept and this ignorance perpetuates bad eating habits and a lack of education on how to eat. That's what I think.


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