Monday, September 24, 2007


Hello, my name is Alice. I'm from Vandalia, Ohio (which is a few minutes outside of Dayton), and I went to Butler High School. Despite the occasional bomb threat or science class chemical spill, high school was boring, so I am very excited to be here at OSU!
I have one older sister, who came to OSU a few years ago. I also have an orange kitty, who for some reason refuses to eat meat and enjoys cucumbers, cantaloupe, and watermelon. I am a 100% cat person, but when I was nine I did have one hamster that I found behind my neighbor's stove.
I am a diet coke fan, but I am trying to quit. This summer I was averaging two liters a day (no exaggeration!). I love food, especially beefaroni and ice cream. I do not enjoy being healthy and refuse to exercise. I also can 't stand the sound of nail biting and teeth grinding, and if someone does this, you will usually see me plugging my ears and generally freaking out. All of my friends think it is hilarious, which is probably true. I watch way too much TV and movies, but I have too many favorites to name them all.
I am a total art nerd. I love to paint, go to museums, and spend way too much money on art books. My favorites are Hockney's People and Frida Kahlo. This summer I went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art wich was amazing! I hope I can return for the Frida Kahlo exibit, which I think is this fall.
Well, that's about all there is to know about me, I think. By the way, the picture is of me with a creepy fortune telling machine from the Mall of America.


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