Friday, September 28, 2007


What I found most shocking/interesting was when Morgan would interview people on the streets. One scene shows a family in front of the White House attempting to sing the Pledge of Allegiance. There were several takes shown of the family forgetting parts of the song and trying again and again to get it right with no success. However, the last take of the scene they were asked to sing the jingle of the Big Mac and surprisingly enough, one of the women sang it word for word as if she practiced it in her sleep! And she found it hilarious that she knew that song better than the pledge!
This was very shocking because it shows how much fast food chains affect us. I mean seriously, she knew the jingle better than the Pledge of Allegiance! Kids learn the pledge in kindergarten! America obviously has their priorities in the wrong spot if its own citizens pay more attention to food jingles than what really matters. We are a product of our environment, we remember and know what we are exposed to the most. Ironically enough, the lady was obese. (Go figure)


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