Monday, October 1, 2007


I think the part that hit me hardest was when Morgan wa interviewing the elementary kids. He showed them pictures of Wendy, Ronald MacDonald, Jesus, and George Washington. They knew all of the fast food icons, but few knew the truly important people. First, Morgan showed the kids a picture of George Washington, and while some knew who he was, they had no idea what he was famous for. One said that he was the fourth president, he freed the slaves, and he could never tell a lie. It's horrible that in our nation one out of three is acceptable. Another picture Morgan showed was one of Jesus. A child said it was George Bush. Now that's pushing it. However, when they showed pictures of Wendy and Ronald MacDonald the kids could list things off about them. Saying things like: "He does funny things on TV" and "He helps people at the cash register." What kind of society is this that children can tell you more about a creepy clown than they can about one of the founding fathers of our country? This part of the movie also reminds me of when Morgan is eating [MacDonalds, of course] with John Banzhaf and he says that when heand his children are driving past a fast food place he would punch them in the face. It was said for purely comical reasons, but he has a good point. Not about hitting your kids, of course, but about associating fast food with bad feelings when kids are young. My mom used to do the same thing his mom did, and fast food was always a treat- a reward for good grades or getting shots at the Dr's office. If we can associate fast food with bad feelings and healthy food with good feelings, maybe our nation would start losing weight. I know one thing for sure though... I may NEVER eat fast food again!


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