Sunday, September 30, 2007

eat right and exercise.

There is a scene in Supersize Me where a doctor is talking about a conversation he had over dinner. In this conversation one person criticises another for smoking cigarettes. the cigarette smoker is ashamed that he does something so damaging to his health. he takes responsibility and admits that he should quit the same time there is an overweight person at the table eating. the man telling the story feels like the obese woman should be criticized for eating while she is obese the same way the smoker is.

the problem i have with this man's opinion is the same as my problem with Supersize Me as a whole. Everyone's body is their own. they are responsible for its' well being. it is rude to criticize a smoker or an obese person. they aren't stupid. they know just as well as anyone else that what they do is unhealthy. people are ultimately responsible for themselves and if they can't eat McDonalds responsibly than that is their problem. no one at McDonalds forced anyone to eat at their restaurants. Its really quite simple if you want to be in shape eat right and exercise. and as for McDonald's brain washing children into wanting their food, i say this. just as we are responsible for our own health parents need to be responsible for their children. people can make excuses about playgrounds and nutrition sheets all day ,but in the end its all about responsibility.


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