Monday, October 1, 2007

Effects of the McDiet

The scene in Supersize Me had to be the ending scenes describing the results of the McDiet. The scene showed a diagram of Morgan from before the McDiet and after. The diagram not only depicted the results of the diet but also stated a few long-term, dangerous effects to his health. He not only gained 24.5 pounds but also went from being very fit for his age by only having 11% body fat to very unhealthy for his age having 18% body fat. He also doubled his risk of heart disease and also for heart failure. His poor liver turned into a fat liver and now has massive cravings. Even his sex life was effected by going from amazing to poor. The scene also showed doctors saying that people should not eat fast food and also included that during the McDiet Morgan consumed 30 pounds of sugar and 12 pounds of fat. Now that's just plain gross!
I believe that this ending scene is very powerful, surprising and has a great effect on the audience by showing the shocking outcome of Morgan's health. It demonstrated the unexpected. I do not think that anyone expected the condition of Morgan's health to happen. It proves that eating fast food really can effect your life in a bad way and can have serious long-term effects such as the ones that Morgan is at risk for such as heart disease and heart failure. The scene made me at least thing twice about how much I eat McDonald's and other fast foods and think about fast food eating in a whole different way.


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