Sunday, September 30, 2007

Convenience of Obesity

Every time I watch Super Size Me, I walk away not wanting to eat fast food ever again. Most people think that they have no other choice because of its convenience. This convenience is the problem and the leading cause of obesity, which Morgan Spurlock successfully uncovered. It is cheap, tasty, and everywhere you turn, which are the characteristics of a fast killer.
I found two scenes to be the most shocking to me;Spurlock's first and last visits to the doctors. On his first visit, he was a perfectly healthy man. On his last visit, he was characterized as "sick" with liver damage, high cholesterol, and psychological issues . It was amazing to see how quickly his health failed during his 30-day McDonald's binge. What is more amazing is that his diet is almost no different than many 14-year olds with a McDonald's across the street from their high school.


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