Monday, October 1, 2007

Jesus Who?

The scene that stuck out the most for me was when Morgan interviewed the elementary kids. He showed them pictures of prominent historical figures and restaurant cartoon characters (i.e. Wendy, Ronald McDonald.) While most of the kids struggled to identify George Washington and even Jesus Christ, all of them were able to name Ronald McDonald. When asked, the children said they had seen Ronald on tv, in movies, and at the restaurant. They viewed him as a friend and correlated him with a fun time.
This scene offers huge evidence as to why the childhood obesity rates have doubled in the past twenty years. Seriously, no wonder they will be the first generation not to outlive their parents. I was sincerely shocked when they revealed the picture of Jesus after none of the kids could correctly identify him. (I also thought of my hard core democrat pappaw and if he had heard some kid say that the picture of Jesus was President Bush he wouls have a coronary.) But back to the point, if children are bombarded with misleading images of fast food everywhere, what else are they going to think? That's when the responsibility shifts to the parents. It's their job to inform, educate, and teach their kids how to make good/healthy decisions.


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