Monday, October 22, 2007

Research Proposal

The first thought when someone wakes up in the morning is not that this is their last day on earth. There are many people who think that they will live their full life and that death will come when they are older. Well most people don’t even consider that the end of their life could not be due to death but to the coming of the Lord. The Lord tells us that He will come again and that all the events he has spoken of must happen before He comes. The Lord tells us of many false prophets and false Christs that will appear and will deceive many people including Christians. War and natural disasters will become more prominent and more violent. There will be an increase in wickedness of the people and nations.
This is an inconvenient truth because in today’s society it is politically incorrect to talk about the word of the Bible. When a person tells the word of the Bible then they are seen as forcing their religion and views on others. Christians are the last to be heard and the first to be blamed. In our present world we live in many of the signs the Lord talks about have taken place. Our world is rapidly deteriorating and even though many have noticed these changes, they aren’t putting two and two together. The Bible is one of the most widely sold books in the world yet though most people own a Bible they never open it. If people read the word of God they would understand that these events that are taking place in our world are not just changes in weather or global warming or disputes between countries, they are the signs God talks about of the end times. Believe it or not science goes hand and hand with the Bible. Most people have never heard of The Second Law of Thermodynamics, but it helps prove that the end times are real and will take place.
My purpose for writing this paper is to show people the links between the events that are taking place right now or that have taken place and how they relate to the end times. I want to find the answer to what the events mean and how they relate to the coming of the Lord. I want to find out scientifically speaking why the world is deteriorating.


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