Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Doctors, can they really help us?

June 5th, 2007, my whole life changed. The most influential male, my grandfather, passed away. This was the saddest day of my life, because I had been expecting it for so long. He died from one of the most fatal illnesses, cancer. The doctors decided, when he was first diagnosed, he should start some type of treatment. Like any normal, unknowing person he agreed. He received chemotherapy and radiation at the same time; a deadly combination. Over the coming weeks, he began to worsen very quickly. Before we knew it, he had passed away. As his family, we wondered, what happened in the short amount of time? How did the cancer overtake his body so quickly? I believe it all came down to the doctors giving treatment that was more harmful than helpful.
I believe doctors often prescribe treatment to the general population that is portrayed as helpful, but in the long run, does the body more harm. This is an inconvenient truth, because it would challenge the authority types in the world and the things we value as true. Most people want to in the USA, at least, would like to believe everything that their doctors, politicians, teachers, and other authority figures tell them. Sometimes, though, they do not realize these people aren’t always right. The best example of this would probably be doctors.
Many times, doctors misdiagnose patients, prescribe wrong medication, or even give them bogus treatment. Why would doctors do this though? More money? Whatever the reason, it is wrong and many people don’t want to realize it. Doctors do things that will cause more harm to the body, than it would actually help the body. Do these doctors actually know what they are doing? Another view that is not really talked about, is it a cycle where the medical industry and government work together to weaken the population? Or are they just another “pawn” in the game? There are a multitude of angles that are not talked about concerning the medical industry. The most important thing is that they are causing us, as the human race, more damage than they are helping cure our problems.
In my research, I hope to uncover how the medical industry causes us more harm than we think. I want to show the aspects of how the government works together with the medical industry to control the human race. I will discuss the types of treatment that are hurting the body of people all around the world. I would like to focus more around the aspects of medicine prescribed, treatments, and misdiagnoses. I have formed my research around this one question: Doctors, how much harm are we letting them cause us?


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