Monday, October 22, 2007

To become the “perfect family.” It is something that has been the goal of society for a very long time. It is always keeping up with the Jones’ or like being in one of the 50’s sitcoms, but what really is the perfect family? One thing that is never included in the “perfect family” scenario is a homosexual child. That is something that just cannot be a part of a “perfect family” and due to that fact, many families choose to remove the child from their home, or just disown them altogether. This is something that the average person hears very little about in today’s culture, but they are very aware of the “perfect family.”

My topic is families forcing their children to move from their home or even disowning the because of the child’s sexual orientation. Many families make the child leave after finding this out about them. My family itself is divided on this issue, some say they would disown a family member and others say they would love them no matter what. With how accepting our culture is today, I find this very shocking. The people that feel this is acceptable say this because they agree are culture is too accepting and many families that disown or get angry with their child or even try to change them are religious. Even my own mother says she would disown me if I was homosexual because it is “disgusting” and “not what God wants.” The sad part is most people feel the same as my mother about this subject. They feel it is perfectly acceptable to fault someone for their sexual orientation.

The inconvenient truth with this is that there really is no “perfect family.” Every family has its problem no matter how “normal” they appear. I have never seen a news report about a family disowning their child, even though it does happen on a regular basis. Some friends that I have are homosexual and they are very afraid of coming out because they are afraid of the reaction of their families will have, especially their father. So the inconvenient truth is also the fear that the homosexual children have of their families. They feel that cannot confide in their closest loved ones, and this is a very large problem, especially since families are already growing apart today. It is very inconvenient for families and society to admit that they won’t accept their children for the simple fact of the sex they choose to love.

I am not well informed of the actual facts about how often homosexuals are actually excluded from their families, so I aim to find he actual statistics that show how often this occurs, and find stories of children who have had to go through this. Another question I want to answer is why families feel so strongly against their own children that they can do that to them.


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