Tuesday, October 23, 2007


An inconvenient truth

Thomas lee

Attention deficit disorder or add has become a house hold term for many Americans. Whether used as an insult or in the proper medical context “add” has infiltrated the vocabulary of the average American. What many do not realize is that ADD is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental disorders. Many doctors and psychologists believe that ADD and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) are being over diagnosed as a cure all for any misbehavior that a child might display. Ritalin, Adderol, and other behavior modifying drugs are often prescribed to treat the symptoms of Attention deficit disorder. These drugs are stimulants which act on the central nervous system to increase alertness and help those with attention deficit disorder to concentrate better and overcome their disability. These drugs are classified as amphetamines. Use of Amphetamines is known to increase the risk of health problems such as heart attack and addiction. Street drugs such as speed and crystal meth are commonly regarded as very dangerous to a user’s health, but thousands of children are prescribed to similar drugs such as Ritalin and adderol starting as early as kindergarten. These children often stay on their prescriptions well though high school, putting them at risk to develop dependencies. The affects of these drugs when taken for a prolonged period of time is unknown, but as many of the first users advance into adulthood there has been concern about a possible connection to Bi-polar disorder. Ritalin may make a teacher’s job a little easier, but children are suffering.


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